40 Thoughts Whilst Watching RHOA Season 10 Premier

40 Thoughts Whilst Watching RHOA Season 10 Premier

1.)YES, Nene better have her peach!

2.) Oh, so the OLG restaurant is finally open huh? That’s cool. 

3.) This orange on Kandi’s skin is giving me all the life!

4.) So now that the Phaedra drama has ended, is Xscape going to be her storyline?

5.) Ace is the CUTEST!! 

6.) Bruh Cynthia is f*cking 50, 5-0!!

7.) Yaaasssss Nene!! 

8.) I WANNA SEE THE MARRIAGE LICENSE!! Bitch said I want the receipts. Dying!!

9.) There’s absolutely no way my friends will find out I’m married from the blogs. This only solidifies these women are friends as soon as the red light goes on. 

10.) Nene: Went from 8 months, to 6, now 4. *I’m cackling* Cynthia doesn’t even know how long Kenya has been married. 

11.) Nene does not have the time! I can’t stop laughing. 

12.) Kenya is so f*cking extra. Why is she still on the show though?!

13.) I love Nene so much! All this shade is giving me all the life! 

14.) Okay, it’s hella weird for Kenya to ask the girls to call her “husband” baby.

15.) Please Porsha have a podcast that I probs won’t listen to.

16.) Bruh Porsha is so pretty but so f*cking dumb.  At this point, I don’t think it’s a facade. 

17.) Girl, you and Phaedra are going to be cool in no time. 

18.) Nah, Kandi needs more than time to get over that mess from last season Porsha.l 

19.) Please everybody have a damn boutique!

20.) Please swag with two g’s! 

21.) I forgot about Sheree.

22.) Two shady bitches together sharing some tea. I love this. 


24.) Bruh, I’m completely over Kenya and this convo with her dad.  

25.) *Rolls eyes at Kenya’s crocodile tears* 

26.) I hate the way her dad talks. 

27.) Porsha and this gown at the wig shop though.

28.) Why are these women doing interviews with strangers but not having real conversations with each other! 

29.) Hella weird that Peter and Cynthia communicate all the time now that they’re divorced. 

30.) I actually love Cynthia’s birthday party idea. 

31.) Kenya is really obnoxious. 

32.) Cynthia looks f*cking fantastic! 

33.) I’m glad Kandi said it because I def was wondering why she hugged Porsha. 

34.) But seriously, why can’t grown women just have a conversation and squash their beef and move on?

35.) Play the tapes!! 

36.) Kenya is ALWAYS chiming in when it has nothing to do with her!!

37.) Again, I’m not quite sure what Porsha and Nene are fighting about.

38.) Kandi is always singing at the functions.

39.) Nene is always leaving early.

40.) I’m sure Andy is going to be a messy bitch in the editing room this season and I’m all for it!

Today Was Supposed To Be My Wedding Day

Today Was Supposed To Be My Wedding Day

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