10 Pressing Questions From Attack of Titan Season 2

10 Pressing Questions From Attack of Titan Season 2

After waiting a thousand years for season 2 of Attack of Titan, it finally arrived; and just as quickly, the season ended.  Though season 3 will for sure be lit and actually air in a timely manner, season 2 left us with wayyyy too many questions and not enough answers.  These questions are solely based on the anime. Here are the 10 pressing questions that need to be addressed in season 3: 

1.) Are the Abnormal Titans human? 

Thus far we know the men and woman behind the Armored Titan, Colossus Titan, Female Titan and Attack Titan. But what the f*ck is up with this beast monkey titan? Is he the leader of all the Pure Titans.  I low key think it’s Eren’s dad but I’ll wait for all to be revealed. 

2.) Were the Titans (Pure and otherwise) born like this or are they experiments gone wrong?
Think of the scene in Connie’s village.  It appeared that the villagers, including his family, left without a trace and without any struggle. But there was one titan left behind. We saw it lying on its back on top Connie’s home.  Come to find out, the titan is his mother.  So that means somehow all the villagers turned into titans and went on about their business, but how? And since Connie’s mother is a titan, does that mean he’s one as well?

3.) Who is the human on the beast monkey titan’s shoulder? 

We randomly see a person with very reflective glasses on the shoulder of the immobile Beast Titan. But who is it?! Again, I think it’s Eren’s dad.

4.) For the most part, why can't Titans move at night? 

Are the solar powered or something/ only react in light? I’m going to assume so.

5.) Do Titans feel pain? 

I mean the Titans are constantly getting sliced,diced, and slain; they have to feel something, right? They do bleed so I’d like to think they feel more than a little paper cut when the blades touch the nape of their necks. But they don’t scream or anything. It seems when the Survey Corps attack the Titans, they just flick the corps away like a fly buzzing in their ears. So I’m curious.

6.) Are we just going to ignore the Titans in the walls? 

Titans have been living in the walls this whole time!  Did the funatics think anyone wasn’t going to find out?! Also, was it ever established why the Titans were in the walls to begin with?

7.) Why is Historia (Krista) important? 
I mean an entire episode was dedicated to her, we find out she’s the bastard of Rod Reiss, a nobleman, and basically the heir to the throne.  So what role does she play in everything? Why is that important? 

8.) Bring back Levi!  

Not a question, rather a declaration. I’m sure I can speak for all of us when I say Levi sitting on the sidelines didn’t really work for him or me.  I expect to see some bomb ass fight sequences with him and Mikasa. I don’t ask for much.

9.) Is Annie ever going to wake up? 

Break her out of that crystal cocoon and aggressively ask her all the questions!

10.) Will we see/know what’s in Eren’s basement?  


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