134 "Bad and Boujee" Thoughts Whilst Watching The 2017 Golden Globes

134 "Bad and Boujee" Thoughts Whilst Watching The 2017 Golden Globes

1.    Oh sh*t, the Golden Globes are tonight
2.    Not that I’m really interested, but why not
3.    Wait, what are the Golden Globes awarding for? 
4.    Please Jimmy and Justin dance amongst the stars! 
5.    Please the TelePromp not work!! 
6.    See Mariah, this is how you handle a technical difficulty
7.    I wonder if everyone is given a 5 course meal since they're sitting at dinner tables
8.    Ah awards for tv and movies, got it
9.    Ryan Gosling is forever bae
10.    Oh hey Sansa
11.    I like her better as a blonde  
12.    Please equate Trump to Joffrey!! 
13.    But, the accuracy
14.    I LOVE Meryl Streep  
15.    Why is Ryan Reynolds so tan?! 
16.    Good for Quicksilver for winning
17.    Please 4 daughters!  
18.    Oh hey Negan. 
19.    Also, I NEED her dress!  
20.    Billy Bob is whispering sweet nothings in ol girl ear  
21.    Oh and he won
22.    Remember that one time he was married to Angelina Jolie?  
23.    I love Jimmy
24.    Hugh is not aging well  
25.    Please syphilis  

26.    Oh hey Drew  

27.    YESSSS TRACEE!!! 

28.    I have goosebumps  

29.    This speech! Don't make me cry guh 

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30.    Atlanta or Black-ish better win 

31.    YES ATLANTA!!!! 

32.    I'm so happy right now!!  

33.    Please thank all the black folks in Atlanta! 


35.    I’M DYING!!! 

36.    Do “they” even know who you’re talking about  

37.    Please swing ya hip in a circle; hell I would too  

38.    His accent, I wonder where he's from 

39.    Oh hey Vince  

40.    Wtf is Nicole Kidman wearing tho?! 

41.    Someone needs to be fired over her attire  

42.    Well deserved Sarah  

43.    ANGELA!!  

44.    Omg The Night Of needs to win  

45.    I guess I'm okay with the People vs OJ win 

46.    Please everyone come on stage!! 

47.    Naomi and Matt!!! COME THROUGH!! 

48.    I’m convinced Matt is a real life Ken doll  

49.    I don't like this dress but the color is making her melanin pop  

50.    Is Hugh balding?!  

51.    Ryan Gosling looks so unbothered  

52.    Loki!!  

53.    Oh Sophia, ya dress is popping girl  

54.    Wait, was she trying to say annual? That was great!  

55.    Ms. Underwood, wtf is you wearing guh 

56.    Musical.theater.nerds  

57.    Their excitement makes me happy  

58.    Oh hey John  

59.    Does Ryan not want to be there?! My goodness  

60.    Oh hey Bettlejuice/Batman  

61.    Auntie Vi!!!!  

62.    Hidden. Fences. 



65.    Omg she's going to make me cry 

66.    Wait Fences was based on her father? Or am I hearing things? 

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67.    But I need this dress Kristen  

68.    Is Cuba?! 

69.    What is this Night Manager show? 

70.    Bruh this little boy and his suit. I can NOT  

71.    Amy Schumer is actually the worst  

72.    Is Goldie?! This is actually great  

73.    Amy shut up and let her speak! 

74.    Jonah still keeping the weight off I see 

75.    Where is Eva? Probs at home with the kids  

76.    Thanks for mentioning her Ryan. That was really sweet  

77.    Also, why haven't we seen the babies yet 

78.    SHOW THEM TO US!!! 

79.    Please play black beatles!!! 

80.    Best. DJ. EVER!!!  

81.    Why does La La Land keep winning? 

82.    I don't know her  

83.    I love John and Chrissy  

84.    Bruh Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell, love them 

85.    Please you're dad leave on Fantasia day! This is great  

86.    Jimmy can we not talk about Carrie and Debbie though  

87.    After every commercial break everyone is scrambling to their seats  

88.    Wait, is this Ben Affleck’s brother?  

89.    *Does quick Google search* 

90.    Yup 

91.    He looks like he belongs in somebody's jungle  

92.    Oh hey Thor and Wonder Woman  

93.    Come on The Night Of 

94.    Oh hey Courtney!! 

95.    Good for Loki  

96.    Again, what is this Night Manager ish? Shall I add it to my watch list? 

97.    Bruh the Stranger Things kids table is everything. I would love a seat at that table  

98.    Deadpool was great piece of cinema 

99.    Jon Hamm is sups handsome 

100.    AUNTIE VI!!!! 

101.    But why does she always look like her feet hurt when she walks?! 

102.    Please this dialogue  

103.    COLLARDS!! 

104.    HAM HOCKS!!  

105.    Meryl is living for Auntie Vi  

106.    Meryl is that bish though 

107.    Auntie Vi is so excited  

108.    This speech!  

109.    Kerry is so moved  

110.    That was excellent. See, that's how you use a platform for the greater good  

111.    Oh hey Captain Kirk  

112.    Zoe, what are you wearing girl?! 

113.    Of course La La Land won again 

114.    Mandy better come on with this dress!!! 

115.    Milo and this mustache, no 


117.    I wonder if any of the non coloreds in the audience have actually seen Atlanta 

118.    Lying.to.children 

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119.    Pierce will always be James Bond  

120.    He’s Irish? Didn’t know that  

121.    Brad Pitt is the original bae 

122.    I NEED to see Moonlight man 

123.    Okay Jimmy with the white suit! 

124.    Oh hey Newt 

125.    Of course La La Land 

126.    The fact the music keeps getting louder and drowned them out-dead 

127.    Brie’s dress 

128.    Remember how we were sups happy when Leo finally won an Oscar? 

129.    Is she going to pass out?! 

130.    Breathe guh!! 

131.    Wait was she still talking?!  

132.    Yes Moonlight!!! 

133.    So Sylvester too good to announce Moonlight’s win? K 

134.    Welp another 3 hours of my life wasted

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