73 Thoughts Whilst Watching The Season Premier of Once Upon A Time

73 Thoughts Whilst Watching The Season Premier of Once Upon A Time

   1. Omg I’ve been waiting for this moment for months

   2. Omg is Aladdin on here?!

   3. I’m ready!!

   4. Surely hope they don’t have white people playing these roles

   5. Jafar!!

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   6. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

   7. Why do the villains always engage long ass dialogues?! Are you going to kill me or not?

   8. Aladdin is the savior too?

   9. He got the shakes

   10. OMG HOOK!! He makes me so happy

   11. Ah sh*t, err thing shaking. What’s about to happen now?

   12. Storybrooke is not a town I would like to reside

   13. Oh hey Mr. Hyde

   14. Why is he there again?

   15. Blimp from the land of untold stories. K

   16. Don’t start lying Emma!

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   17. Oh hey Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin

   18. Though he’s shifty and untrustworthy, I like his character

   19. Remember that one time his dad was Peter Pan; that was great

   20. Belle is sups annoying though; I’d just let her sleep

   21. Morpheus

   22. Is he a guide through Belle’s dream orrrr

   23. I like Zelena when she’s not in her feelings

   24. Remember that one time she tricked Robin into sleeping with her and  got pregnant just          to get back at Regina

   25. I enjoy Regina’s character development as well

   26. I love that she’s latina

   27. But why did Mr. Hyde have to come out the door like that

   28. Ugh, I want him to go away

   29. What are these flashbacks Emma is having?

   30. The villain always knows something the hero doesn’t-stay strong Emma!

   31. Emma and this shaking-too much caffeine

   32. Pongo!!

   33. Oh hey Jiminy

   34. Hell I need to talk to Jiminy

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   35. Of course Emma visits Mr. Hyde to get the answers

   36. Buddy said, “sorry I thought you were just leaving” -DEAD

   37. Seriously, how it is that the villains always know what’s going on but the heroes don’t?!

   38. And why is that one must follow something? Like the yellow brick road, a wisp, a red                bird

   39. Make Belle fall in love in an hour? Good luck Rumpel

   40. Morpheus doesn’t have time for Rumpel and his nonsense

   41. Ugh he should’ve let the cup fall and chip

   42. He needs to act like an asshole because that’s how she fell in love with him-Belle is me,            falling in love with assholes

   43. Ugh this sister’s quarrel

   44. I love how Snow White and Prince Charming are married in real life


   46. Omg let Hook help you Emma

   47. Don’t worry, I’ll just follow the advice of his homicidal maniac and follow this unknown            red bird to an unknown place and hope for the best-nice Emma, nice

   48. Wait is the red bird Iago?! That would make me so happy

   49. Please Emma be a soothsayer

   50. Henry is not as annoying as he has been in the past

   51. They’re still dancing?

   52. Oh Neil, poor Neil

   53. OMG Belle annoys me so much

   54. Wait, what

   55. OMG Morpheus is their son

   56. This is great

   57. And he comes bearing gifts and by gifts I mean warnings-lovely

   58. OMG shut up Belle

   59. Isn’t that Jafar’s staff?

   60. I don’t trust this oracle

   61. The way Mr. Hyde talks tickles me

   62. And the plot thickens

   63. I bet Hook is the best drinking buddy

   64. Hook def knows she’s lying

   65. These heart to hearts low key get me everytime

   66. Speaking of, where is the evil queen?

   67. Regina has had it ROUGH man

   68. I want her to be happy so badly


   70. Zelena and this shack of a house

   71. Oh there you are evil queen

   72. Zelena please don’t fall for the okie doke!

   73. And of course the show ends, great

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