117 Thoughts Whilst Watching The Season Premier of How To Get Away With Murder

117 Thoughts Whilst Watching The Season Premier of How To Get Away With Murder

   1. Oh sh*t, here we go!

   2. I'm ready

   3. Wait, no I'm not

   4. I wonder how Shonda is going to snatch my edges this season

   5. Bruh, Wes is bae

   6. And here he is lying, again

   7. Auntie Vi always to the rescue

   8. Annalise like “nah, I want to know what frank said, not ya pappy”

   9. Frank is bae too though

   10. I'm convinced Frank was in the mob in his past life

   11. You know Wes, you're right. Standing in front of a complete stranger while they're on the        phone isn't creepy at all

   12. Frank took the hit and got out the jam

   13. Sometimes I wonder if Annalise is really pressed about something or acting like she is;           you know since she is the master manipulator

   14. Wes ya daddy is err was a baby killer

   15. Frank is always down for the cause

   16. Why are the in the middle of the woods?

   17. Lawd is she about to take Wes out?!

   18. I low key jumped when she screamed

   19. Don't worry Annalise, I don't need my hearing anymore

   20. Frank!

   21. Not the beard man!

   22. Not the hair!

   23. I can NOT !

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      24. Screaming is very therapeutic though

      25. Please avoid Laurel

      26. Meggie? Who tf is that?

      27. I'm so for Michaela and Asher's love affair though

      28. Who's this prick?

      29.They ain't no killers, well they are, but still don't push them

      30. This killer flyer though

      31. Like who knows and that bored to sneak into her classroom when no one was there to            post it?

      32. Way to brush it off Annalise

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   33. Please 2 ounces of maryjane

   34. Bruh, I want, no, I NEED this guy dead

   35. Mr. Drake is it? Yeah you have to go

   36. They legit got away with murder

   37. Bonnie still around? K

   38. Please have a trap phone in your jewelry box

   39. Also, can we discuss how great Viola’s wig is this season and that Laurel went head first         into some leave-in conditioner. Thanks

   40. Annalise and her garden

   41. Frank is under the radar

   42. He's probs a spy

   43. Annalise is always manipulating people man

   44. Laurel is all of us- calling the person you love just to say you hate them. Classic

   45. Why is Mr. Drake on my screen and speaking?

   46. Asher is my fav

   47. Remember that one time he was on OITNB and never returned?

   48. Lawyers are highly paid liars. Like they get paid to twist the truth in their client's favor.          Insane

   49. So he's daughter was the one moving dope, whole time

   50. I hate Wes’ mannerisms

   51. Annalise hates them so much

   52. So who keeps running off copies of this killer flyer at their own expense?

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   53. Kiddie.pool.lawn.chair

   54. How did Annalise even find Conner?

   55. That water is probs hot

   56. Oh Oliver

   57. I mean, let's be honest, Annalise is going to give Oliver the job soooo there's that

   58. Her word means nothing Conner!! When will you learn?!

   59. Poor Oliver, came to his interview super prepared-proposal and all

   60. He's so precious

   61. Lawd, he hacked the school website and told Annalise. She's definitely going to tell                 Conner

   62. Good girl gone bad

   63. Bruh Asher! “Cruising for that D” DEAD!

   64. He's super pressed Michaela denied they smashing- I'm dying!

   65. Little do y'all know, Frank is walking around beardless


   67. Nate is being all concerned; super precious

   68. Oh yes Annalise, we know you're unstable girl

   69. That back!

   70. All this melanin on my screen!

   71. So Annalise has all of this chocolate in her bed and she's concerned about the trap                   phone- priorities Annalise

   72. Yes Nate, grill up those steaks

   73. Asher will not ask Annalise for money

   74. I mean they have murdered quite a few people, that's the least she could do

   75. She said get ya lazy ass a job- Dead!!

   76. All the melanin on top of Asher and he wants to talk about the case? K

   77. Asher is an R.A.-why is that so funny to me?

   78. Michaela better tell him!

   79. Did I mention that Wes is bae?

   80. Is Michaela over bursting in the courtroom like that?

   81. Yes! Buh bye Mr. Drake

   82. Let Auntie Vi work her magic

   83. She always comes through

   84. Of course she's going to hire Oliver

   85. Of course she tells Conner his boyfriend is a lying hacker

   86. Rabbit.hole

   87. That's fair. Keep Oliver busy so he doesn't go through the archives of your murders-you            smart

   88. Auntie Vi always bailing them out

   89. Michaela hates her so much

   90. Working.a.corner

   91. Ugh I hate this judge

   92. Like he's getting deported over weed, meanwhile white boys getting 6 months but serve          3 for rape and cops are consistently getting away with murder. K

   93. Wes hates Laurel

   94. Conner is too calm about the Stanford thing. If it were me, Oliver would've seen these              hands

   95. But Oliver breaks up with him because he's not mad? K

   96. Ah a black woman president. She looks sharp

   97. So Annalise is getting demoted orrr

   98. Oop you haven't been doing your job Annalise. Probs preoccupied with all the killing               going on

   99. Bottom 10% though. Yikes

   100. Ah that's why she's doing the clinic

   101. Annalise is me- drinking after a hard day

   102. You made front page on the school paper girl, you famous

   103. Bonnie better drink what Annalise has bestowed upon her

   104. Nah, that's not Frank’s style-he's not a rat

   105. And he's not dead either

   106. What does that mean Annalise?! Are you going to have Frank killed?!

   107. WES!!! *swoon*

   108. Laurel get out your feelings

   109. Laurel is not Frank sir-get it together

   110. Meggie is black! This makes me so happy

   111. Oh hey Frank

   112. Frank did a sneak attack on buddy

   113. So Nate is a handyman now

   114. Take a breath and get it together Annalise

   115. Wait so who's really dead in the ambulance

   116. Shonda, why do you insist on doing this to me?!

   117. Same Annalise, same

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