67 Thoughts Whilst Watching AHS 6 Premier

67 Thoughts Whilst Watching AHS 6 Premier

1. So the theme is The Haunting?

2. Please Miss Paulson be the reenactment actress

3. Damn, you got knocked the f*ck out!

4. Who's the actor playing in the black guy in the reenactment?

5. I can't imagine losing a kid mayne

6. North Carolina come on and raise up, take your shirt off and twist it round ya head

7. Bruh you know nothing good comes out of being in the woods in a farm house

8. You also know nothing good comes from living in an old ass house

9. Oh it's Cuba!!! I couldn't tell

10. Bruh OJ and Marcia are in a relationship. This can not be unseen

11. This sex scene with the moaning of demon pigs in the background. No

12. Bruh trash err where, weird noises, oh and a f*cking can thrown at your head?! Time ta go

13. Hillbillies


15. Omg it’s always the woman saying what she saw and the man always telling her she's crazy. When will men learn to listen to us!?

16. See, it is normal to drink wine whilst cooking

17. It was just the wind causing the shudder to move guh- calm your tits

18. And there are the ghosts. What's their story?

19. Why do they have this big ass house and it's just the two of them?

20. There's no way I'd be outside in a "hot tub" in the middle of the woods. Do y'all not watch horror movies man!?

21. The background is too quiet! What's gon happen?!

22. And there it is

23. Of course she's drowning

24. Pitchforks and torches

25. No it’s not ZZ Top, it's the ghosts

26. Bruh the cop said get a gun. Yup because ghosts are sups scared of guns

27. "I saw what I saw" translates to "I said what I said"

28. Matt she ain't crazy or seeing ish. The spirit realm is real

29. Do you REALLY believe her Matt?- do you?

30. Bruh this demon pig noise though

31. Oh hey dead pig at the doorstep


33. Bruh the real Lee is less than

34. That po baby in the trap house

35. Is this bitch using seasoning on her meat though?! Bet it ain't Lawry’s *side eye*

36. Of course the knife is in the meat


38. Lee's face while Shelby drank the wine is all of us

39. Bruh it's not fair how Angela looks younger than me man

40. This demon pig noise!!!!

41. The demons rolled Lee a wine bottle like “one drop won’t hurt”-agreed

42. Of course they aren’t answering the phone

43. A.mob.with.torches

44. Bruh I would've broken that white girl fingering wagging it in my face

45. Don't go down the stairs Ang!!

46. Found footage!

47. Human.Pig.Man

48. I'm open mouth cackling

49. Like is this Lord of the Flies?!

50. So people don’t get their homes blessed anymore?!

51. Where's the oil?! Better go around and put that ish on err entry way

52. Little stick figures hanging from the ceiling giving me Blair witch realness

53. Omg Cuba, stop trynna rationalize this

54. Bye Shelby

55. Fight or flight? Bitch flew

56. Of course she hits an old woman standing in the middle of a dark road

57. Don't run after the woman, she’s fine!!

58. Get out of the woods!!

59. This is what her ass gets for leaving the crib in a hurry

60. Oh look, more hanging stick figures  

61. And of course she trips over nothing

62. Of course everyone surrounds her in a circle with torches

63. Is his brain exposed? THEY SCALPED HIM

64. There’s my open mouth cackle again

65. Wait that was it?!

66. That was meh compared to the other season premiers

67. But I'll obvi be watching again next week


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Nah, actually what's on the outside counts

Nah, actually what's on the outside counts