74 Thoughts Whilst Watching the Beyonce and Rihanna Concert, I mean the VMAs

74 Thoughts Whilst Watching the Beyonce and Rihanna Concert, I mean the VMAs

1. Ri Ri better come on with this pony tail!

2. Is she wearing chaps?!

3. She’s giving me bubble gum and pepto-bismol realness

4. Britney better stan for Rihanna

5. I want the announcer to stop yelling at me


7. Omg my love for them runs so deep

8. Jay Pharoah!!!

9. I wonder what Kanye ass gon do. Lawd

10. I have mixed feelings about Dj Khaled

11. Please Diddy have on a geisha robe


13. Diet.Drake.with.lime!!!

14. Who's this Hailee girl?

15. Chance!!!! We love you too!!

16. He's so real! Always repping us (Chicago that is)

17. Ariana always seems to be yelling at me

18. But I'll give her props for singing and riding that cycle

19. Oh Nicki

20. I'm not here for Alicia anymore. Sorry

21. Dressed like she waiting for the horse and carriage

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22. Future is giving me heat miser realness...or is this hell?

23. Bruh tf is Kanye saying

24. Please shoutout Amber and Ray J!!


26. Why is he STILL talking though?!

27. This is so uncomfortable to watch

28. Is that Teyana tho?!

29. Like she just had a baby 3 minutes ago!!

30. Body goals!!!

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31. Come through Naomi!!

32. Oh hey Rihanna

33. Wait are all those people on stage? This has to be a fire code violation or something

34. Rita Ora is the Great Value version of Rihanna

35. Nick Jonas has been bae for some years now

36. It’s been some weird collabs all night though

37. Ooooo one of my tweets is fire; everyone loves me

38. Serena better come on with this dress!!

39. Beyoncé better come on!!

40. She's so real for paying tribute to those shot and killed by police. Not to mention bringing some of the mothers to the show

41. Is she lip-syncing?!

42. I’m not a Beyoncé stan but I appreciated lemonade visually

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43. Remember that one time Rihanna is the honoree and Bey is KILLING this ish!

44. I’m pretty sure Blue is backstage watching the monitors making sure all the girls are hitting their marks

45. I’m a sucker for a great guitar riff

46. Bruh between Rihanna having a thousand people on stage and now Beyoncé with this fire, MTV paying all kinds of fines

47. Everyone looks so blessed after that performance

48. And Britney is next?! My gawd!!! Can I keep just a little bit of my edges?!

49. Jayden is always dressed like an anime character

50. So no one is going to discuss how ol girl from Fifth Harmony stepped on the other girl from Fifth Harmony dress and she almost fell out? K


52. G Eazy is low key bae though he looks like he belongs in Grease

53. Britney is forever lip-syncing

54. Either she’s short or G Eazy is tall af

55. Oh Britney, no girl

56. Awwww the Final Five

57. They are so giggly lol

58. I love how excited they are to touch Beyoncé

59. Oh hey Rihanna

60. YESSS MY SONG!! (referring to Needed Me)

61. Whoever is in charge of the censor button will probs have to pack up their credenza after the show

62. I didn’t realize how many hits Rihanna has until now

63. Key and Peele are killing me and not in a good way

64. Ol girl just KEEPS tripping over this dress!!!

65. Okay this ish needs to wrap up so I can watch The Night Of

66. Oh Jimmy Fallon

67. Beyoncé better come on with these wardrobe changes

68. Mary please buss a jig for me real quick!!

69. This thing Rihanna is doing with her fingers/hands is making me nervous

70. Shoutout to Rihanna’s vocal coach though!

71. Drake better present bae with the award!

72. This makes me so happy

73. Is she over dabbing to him saying he’s in love with her?!

74. Ahhh that was great; until next year


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