Advice From Drunk Strangers

Advice From Drunk Strangers

So the weekend of the 4th I met a guy at a bar from Sweden, right. He was here with friends for Guns n Roses concert. He was really good looking, like exactly what you expect a guy from Europe to look like. Well, he was a ging (lol) with the most gorgeous green eyes. I don’t even remember how we started talking (because alcohol) but I do remember it being a good convo.

At some point, he asked: “Do you love your job?”

Me: “I like it but not love.”

Him: *Makes face of disapproval while shaking head* “You need to quit and do what you love. What is it that you love to do?”

Me: “Write. But I-” He stopped me before I could go any further.

Him: “Do it then. I worked a job I hated, decided to quit to pursue my passion (which was film) and I couldn’t be happier.”

He could tell I was a touch guarded and asked why to which I had no response. So what does he do? Drags me to the dance floor and "forced" me to dance.

His philosophy was life was too beautiful and I was too beautiful (smooth) to be so guarded and not pursue my passions; that life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest and wholeheartedly. He proceeded to loosen me up and I actually started to dance with him.  But of course, as soon as I was a bit comfortable, he throws me to the wolves.

Him: “Go up to 3 random people and give them a high five.”

Me: *Gives him the “hell nah, you got me messed up” face* “Nah, no.”

Him: “Okay” He walks away from me, comes back with 3 people and ask them to give me a high five which they did because drunk people.

Him: “See, they're just enjoying life. Don't let whatever it is distracting you from happiness deter you from letting loose from time to time and pursue your passions.”

After our rendezvous on the dance floor, his friend said it was time to go to the next spot. This man grabs my face, kissed me on the lips and made me promise I would have a good night and more importantly pursue my passion. I promised and kept that promise.

As crazy as it sounds, the high five exercise inspired me to just put myself out there, to exposed and vulnerable, no matter what others may think or how they may react.

Thank you man from Sweden. I will be forever grateful for the life lesson. Go out and give 3 random people a high five.

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