28 Thoughts Whilst Commuting to Work

28 Thoughts Whilst Commuting to Work

1. The transit app said the bus would be here in 3 mins, 10 mins ago

2. Oh there it is

3. If I tap my Ventra card one more time and it doesn't work

4. Please let an end seat be open

5. Where is the off switch on this screaming toddler?

6. Oh hello man watching porn on his phone

7. How tf do you come out the crib already smelling like Lincoln Park Zoo

8. So who's the lucky person giving up their seat for the elderly and/or pregnant woman

9. Great, it's raining. Let everyone drive like there's babies and puppies falling from the sky

10. Honking the horn won't make the cars move or move any faster

11. How late am I going to be today?

12. What excuse should I use today to justify my being late?

13. I just know you feel your bag hitting me

14. And I know you feel my gaze upon you

15. You will acknowledge you hit me

16. Thanks

17. So you're just gonna cough/sneeze without covering your mouth

18. You're right, I wanna breathe your nasty infected air

19. He's cute but alas, he's wearing a wedding ring

20. Is that -insert name-, gahhhh it is

21. Just keep your head down and she won't.. Oh hey -insert name-

22. Why are you asking the driver if the bus stops at a specific stop, does your iPhone 6s Plus maximum not have the capability of downloading a transit app?

23. Furthermore, why would you get on this bus and you don't know where you're going?

24. Great, more construction

25. Welp there's your excuse as to why you're late

26. Almost to your stop, think happy thoughts..think happy thoughts

27. Okay, you got this guh!

28. Only 8 hours until you're free (insert upside down smiley face emoji)

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