As I approach my 26th birthday, I begin to reflect on what in the entire f*ck I’m doing and if I’m even on the right path. We’ve all seen the blogs, articles, heard our parents and elders say “It’s okay to not have it all together, just go with the flow” Bullshit! Granted, our 20’s are for exploration, finding oneself, getting into nonsense, etc but we need to remember to move with purpose. That's the thing, purpose. What is our individual purpose in life? What are we meant to do/be? We go through life with this preset mentality thinking we’re on the path we’re supposed to be on but what if what we think isn't what we’re really meant to do? That's what I challenge/encourage you to think about. Really think about and reflect on where you currently are in life and where you want to be (that includes the people you surround yourself with).I especially had to ask myself: what do I really want to do with my life, what are my talents, my passions and how I can put them to use, and what would I be happy doing with my life.

I have taken the last year exploring different options, having many doors close, both career and relationship-wise. By far, this has been the most stressful, hurtful, wonderful, and exciting year of my life.  To be cliche for two seconds, everything that has happened, happened for a reason. I’ve lost a job and a boyfriend (both of which I was too weak to walk away from and divine intervention saved me) but it’s only made me a stronger person. As of today, I do have the comfort and consistency of a good job with decent pay and good benefits. I’m fortunate that this comfort allows me to focus on my goals and make moves to be where I want by the time I’m 30. But there is going to come a time where I’m going to have to leave this comfort and just go for it! F*cking go for it! Whatever it is. I encourage you to do the same. Rather we fail by going for our dreams and pursue our passions than failing by not even taking the risk at all.  If it falls through, it is NOT the end of the world! There's always different routes just waiting to be explored to end up exactly where you want/supposed to be.  

I have always been the type to subconsciously seek the approval of my family, friends, and significant other but came to a point where I had to shake off that spirit and say forget what they think or say.  Obviously your family and friends are in your corner and want nothing but the best for you. Because they love you, they will give their two cents even when you didn't ask for the spare change.  It’s your life!  You are the one that has to live with whatever decision you make, not them.  Take the things people say with a grain of salt. Figure out what makes you happy and go with it and see where the journey takes you.

Remember, things will not happen overnight; I’ve come to find out. I’ve been soul searching for a year now and have only scratched the surface of who I am and what my purpose in this life is. Though I’ve done some dumb things in the last year, I am COMPLETELY at peace with the decisions I’ve made thus far. I’ve come to accept that all the joy, pain, excitement, and hurt is apart of the journey and I’m enjoying the ride to the destination. 

Go to the ledge and just JUMP!

28 Thoughts Whilst Commuting to Work

28 Thoughts Whilst Commuting to Work